Imagined by Stephane de Freitas, Indigo is first and foremost an artistic concept resulting in the harmonious mix of blue and red, symbolic colors we have often opposed in our minds. The Indigo social network transposes this concept into everyday interactions, by creating a new system. The Indigo system.

At a time when the rise of technologies is sometimes denounced because it would rush the «virtualisation» of human relations, Indigo uses the digital tool to serve real interactions and to make mutual help easier at a local level.

The Indigo system plans to contribute to the social insertion the people in the most difficult situations. Refugees, homeless, unemployed… everyone can be helped directly by members of the community. Our volunteers are mobilizing to make people who need assistance aware of the help they can receive through Indigo.

Indigo is available in all locations where Indigo communities are created. To date, the plateform is being tested in France, Greece, Ivory Coast and Portugal.


Indigo is a new system based on a virtual «currency» (The Digo) for which the rate varies depending on each user’s GoodVibes coefficient.

The Digo is a virtual exchange credit which allows the users to obtain the goods and services offered by members of the community. When he subscribes, the user receives 3 Digos straight away. It’s a gift.

On the plateform, the goods and services offered have a value that ranges from 1 to 10 Digos.

The users freely determine the value of the goods and services they offer. Here’s an order of magnitude purely indicative :

A coefficient which gives credit to the users for their generosity. The more their GoodVibes coefficient increases, the more the value of goods or services diminishes when asked for.

For each member, The GoodVibes coefficent is measured using these 4 facts:

The number of users helped without asking for Digos in return

The variety of members helped by one user

The user’s ratings given by other members

The help given to charities


Indigo is a project developed by The Indigo Cooperative and Stéphane de Freitas with the mission to innovate toward the reflexion and the creation of social bond.

The main goal is to improve the living together and the cohesion between diverse individuals, that, beyond their social and cultural differences, cultivate a common vision of citizen values.

Visit the website of the Cooperative Indigo : indigo-coop.com

To preserve our freedom, we took up the bet to build an economic model based on donations, especialy those made by the users. This is the reason why we give frequent updates about our financial needs to our commmunity. This system means we don’t have to sell the personal data of our users.

Indigo is also sustained thanks to corporate sponsorship and to the financial support of foundations which don’t receive any financial compensation in return. We carefully selected sponsors who share the same convictions about solidarity, social and environmental innovation.


The universality of the concept prompted the Indigo Cooperative to avoid restricting the solution to one country, and to on the contrary share it as much as possible, so as to see the possibilities of its spreading be multiplied. The nonprofit has several teams settled abroad, where populations will certaintly have use of Indigo: in Portugal, Greece and Ivory Coast. In each of these countries, a team has been working ,for a few months now, on the creation of communities in order to federate a great number of users for the Beta version launch.